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Currently 41 confirmed deaths related to Sonoma County fires as of 10/16 - 3:01PM.

More in-depth emergency info is available here:

This link has a map of the current fire areas and evacuation areas.

This link has further maps that show fire damages.

This link and this link have the closed roads.

(The first may have outdated closures but has ALL the closures for a while. The second link is provided by the CHP and has traffic rates on highways, too.)


The Petaluma and Rohnert Park Health Centers are OPEN to everyone for Walk-In Medical Visits. If you or someone you know Is in need of health care services, our clinicians are able to help with breathing issues, prescription refills, and to treat medical conditions and minor injuries.
Las Clinicas de Petaluma y Rohnert Park estan abiertas para el publico. No se requiere citas para ver un doctor. Si usted o alguien que conoce necesita servicios medicos nuestros doctores les pueden ayudar con sus medicamentos, problemas respiratorios, heridas, y condiciones medicas.

COMCAST has removed all restrictions and opened their wifi for all to communicate.
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Napa - Sonoma County Fires
Use this to make wifi calls and posts if you have no cell service.
Queen of the Valley hospital in Napa is trying to reach all on call physicians and nurses. Just saw a notice on the news due to the cell service being down. Landline for the Queen is 707-252-4411 ext:291

How to help right now:

Santa Rosa has asked anyone who is safe to consider volunteering. They need help checking in evacuees and distributing supplies at both Elsie Allen High School and Cook Middle School. The Red Cross is involved in some coordination of this, if you are a member or wish to enroll and sign up they have a sign in sheet on line. (Consider direct sign in to specific locations, Red Cross can be in the way if they get too involved and they have messed up more than a few things recently when they got involved)
Do not call emergency services unless you see active, unattended flames or a life-threatening situation. Emergency services around the Bay Area are overwhelmed right now, and do not need more calls unless you have an immediate emergency.
Stay off the roads, if possible. You are hindering emergency vehicles and urgent evacuees from getting through.
There are shelters all over the North Bay set up to assist and temporarily house. They are:

Shelter List:

For up-to-date confirmed evac areas go here

If you have a pet:

Multiple shelters are open to assist pet owners. They are:


If anyone has a horse trailer

Chalk Hill Ranch near Healdsburg needs emergency help. They have 54 horses in dire need of transportation off the ranch.
13426 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg, CA 95448 - 707-433-1804

Shelby's personal updates:

My housemate said this:

Hey just wanted to let you two know that the house didn’t burn down… but the surrounding areas are all burnt

We went back earlier to check

It’s one of the few houses that didn’t burn.

Here is a video she sent me of the house earlier.

Pat has gone in to work because the Novato hospital is looking to be impacted with people from SR hospitals and maybe injuries.

I uploaded more videos here and here